20 Groomsman Gifts under $25

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20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts

In keeping with our theme of Bridesmaid Proposals, Bridesmaids Gifts, and Groomsman Proposals, I thought it was fitting that the next roundup n our list was affordable Groomsman Gifts! I was trying to originally keep it under $20, but unfortunately I wasn't finding a whole lot I liked. By bumping up the budget $5, there were so many more amazing and unique options! Whether your groomsman are into beer, cigars, or games there are so many personal and thoughtful options to pick from below to give your boys a great gift they will love!

1. Engraved Wooden Knife
Is it just my friends or are all boys a little obsessed with knives? I love these knives as a fun rustic wedding gift, and every boy seems to find having a knife useful. :)

2. Coffee Tumblers
If your guy's are coffee drinkers these classy tumblers are great for a winter (or any) wedding gift! They can be personalized with names and are great for your morning coffee on the way to work.

3. Bottle Openers
I had to include at least one bottle opener on the list, and these personalized ones are both a fun and useful gift!

4. Manly Gift Set
I like this set for beach or cruise ship weddings, coming with lip balm, playing cards, a bottle opener, sunglasses, and a koozie. Its a great gift for a more casual wedding and who doesn't like getting a little pile of presents? :)

5. Grilling Apron
For boys that are all about become a Grill Master, these aprons are a fun and unique gift! 

6. Personalized Beer Stein
For those beer aficionados among us, a personalized stein may be just the ticket! They can be personalized with each of your groomsman's names laser etched into the stein.

7. Personalized Lighter
Either as an addition to a humidor or as a stand alone gift, these personalized lighters are great for any guy, but more especially for cigar lovers!

8. Toiletry Bag
I never thought about tolietry bags as groomsman gifts but once I happened upon this one I was sold! I particularly like it for bridal parties where your boys have beards and like it that way, how much fun woudl it be to pack these bags with beard balms, brushes and oils for your guys' grooming routines? :)

9. Personalized Wallet
I'm always a fan of useful, personalized, gifts for groomsmen, and these personalized wallets are a perfect fit for the guys that already have everything and would appreciate a more subtle gift. Better yet, you can pair them with the credit card sized bottle openers below and still be under $25 per person. :)

10. Man Card Bottle Opener
These bottle openers are great additions to any groomsman gift and are around $5 a piece, so very affordable! I like the idea of pairing them with the wallets above for an extra suprise for your boys!

11. Personalized Engraved Knife
Here is another take on the engraved knife gift for grooms that are a fan of the black-on-metal pairing (i.e. my hubs favorite combo). And no sane man wouldn't appreciate a pretty knife! :)

12. Flask Set
Flask sets are always a great choice for groomsman who are ready to party, and I like that this one is not only personalized, but laser engraved on a black surface, making it a cut above the usual flasks you see. There is also a discount for ordering multiples with this vendor which is always a plus for budget savvy brides!

13. Multitool
This multitool is a fun and unique swiss army knife of sorts that is great for a groomsman that already has everything. They can be furthur personalized with names for a one of a kind gift!

14. Cribbage Set
My husband and his friends absolutely adore cribbage and poker; leading me to wonder if such things could be given as groomsman gifts. Turns out, Etsy has options for both! This cribbage set comes personalized based on your specifications for the card players in your life.

20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts

15. Personalized Poker Set
If your boys are more into poker, these poker sets are, suprisingly enough, under the $25 mark as well. This case can also be personalized for each guy so they have their own personalized poker set.

16. Personalized Humidor
If you don't have the time to DIY your own, these humidors are a great gift for the cigar connisuers of your wedding party. They can be personalized with initials and names; personally I like the idea of using last initials and names for a classy humidor your groomsman can keep for years to come!

17. Grill Set Tool
This is one of those tools that would be perfect for those groomsmen that either are very into camping or very into grilling. I love that they can be personalized for each person but are not your typical wedding party gift.

18. Personalized Tool Box
Both a useful and unique gift, these personalized tool bags are great for those handy boys in your life! Most of the boys I know are always in need of more tool storage, and the added personalization means it will (hopefully) not walk away when a friend borrows it.

19. Multitool (Again!)
I was going to stick with just one Multitool, but this one was so nifty I had to include it as well. When I say the hatchet side of the tool, it jumped out to me as a camping man's best friend. :)

20. Yeti Tumblers
Simple and classy, these tumblers are perfect for any groomsman and can be used for years to come! An added bonus is that they are Yeti tumblers, known by all to be great at keeping things cold. :)


20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts
20 Groomsman Gifts Under $25 #groomsman #bestman #weddinggifts