Bridesmaid Gifts Under $30

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Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Spring Wedding Under $30 #bridesmaidgifts #weddingparty #budgetwedding

Spring Weddings are just around the corner which means you and your lovely bridesmaids are getting ready for the big day! In all the excitement, its great to be able to thank your maids for all their hard work during the wedding planning process and to celebrate your friendship in general. But the end of wedding planning generally also means that finances are tighter, so in our post today we are looking at Bridesmaids gifts for less than $30, so you can find beautiful and affordable gifts for your girls! :)

1. Forget Me Not Necklace

When I first saw this necklace, I fell in love with it! Firstly, because it is one of my sorority flowers that I actually included in homemade necklaces for my Alpha Phi Sisters, but also that it is a beautiful, simple piece that can be worn with anything and screams springtime. :) This shop has so many different pieces of jewelry that encases all sorts of flowers, if these aren’t quite your style you are still sure to find something that will be a perfect fit! :)

2. Personalized Makeup Bag

If you are looking for a more traditional gift these monogrammed makeup bags are a wonderful choice! These beauties bags come in a variety of fun floral fabrics and can be customized with your ladies’ monograms. :)

3. Gold Rose Initial Necklace

Another fun and beautiful necklace for your maids is this rose necklace, complete with a personalized initial! Not only would it be great for a romantic spring wedding in general, but also has a Beauty and the Beast feeling that I absolutely adore!

4. Bath Salt Gift Set

For your girls that love the spa and bath life, these bath salt gift sets are a perfect fit! I also love them for ladies that have been bridesmaids multiple times, they can make use of all their fun robes and accessories with a spa day at home!

5. Personalized Journals

If your ladies love journaling, these personalized journals are a simple and classy gift that will be much appreciated! :) They come in a variety of colors, can be personalized with your girl’s first names, and as an added bonus, are actually under $15 so they can be easily paired with something else if you like!

6. Constellation Necklaces

For your zodiac loving ladies, these constellation necklaces are a beautiful gift! You can get them in any of the zodiac signs and I especially like that they come as the star constellation as opposed to the symbol, a subtle nod to the zodiac while being a beautiful starry necklace. :)

7. Personalized Skinny Tumblers

I’m always a fan of tumblers for the getting ready time with your bridesmaids, and these skinny tumblers are a pretty and modern option for all your maids! Both the tumblers and lettering come in a variety of colors to choose from and can be customized with names or wedding party titles.

8. Spa Bath Box Sets

These little spa bath box sets are another wonderful spa option for your girls! They come with a customizable soap, bath bomb, lip balm and clay mask for a perfect night of pampering for your maids after your wedding. :)

9. Personalized Gift Set with Makeup Bag and Candle

These gift boxes are full of goodies for your maids and can be personalized with their names and a custom thank you message from you! Each box comes with a personalized makeup bag, compact mirror, candle, moisturizer, sweets, and a candle. :)

10. Matching Pajama Sets

Finally, I had to include the adorable floral shortie silk pajama sets! As long as you need at least 3 sets (yourself and two maids), they are $30 a piece. They come in over 30 different color varieties with oodles of different floral patterns and are the perfect photo accessory as well as getting ready swag for your favorite girls!

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Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Spring Wedding Under $30 #bridesmaidgifts #weddingparty #budgetwedding
Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Spring Wedding Under $30 #bridesmaidgifts #weddingparty #budgetwedding
Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Spring Wedding Under $30 #bridesmaidgifts #weddingparty #budgetwedding
Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Spring Wedding Under $30 #bridesmaidgifts #weddingparty #budgetwedding