10 Groomsman Proposals under $15

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15 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #willyoubemygroomsman #bestman #groomsmanproposal

I must say it seems like the boys of the wedding party tend to be left out when it comes to being invited in fun ways, but no more! Below are a bunch of fun options for inviting your boys with the affordable price tag of $15 or less! :)

1. Groomsman Flask
No better way to get the party started right for your groom's best guys than a flask! These would also work beautifully as wedding gifts and are a great touch for a rustic wedding.

2. Groomsman Proposal Koozies
These koozies come in a myriad of colors and are a great choice for a little something to mail to each of your groomsmen without having to spend a ton on postage, and as an added bonus they are only $7 for the card and koozie!

3. Black and Metal Proposal Flask Set
If you are looking for a more modern flask to invite your me, look no further than this beautiful custom engraved flask set! the entire set and box are just under $15 and can be custom engraved with your groomsmen and best man's names.

4. Custom Socks and Labels
To help your groom not get cold feet, this is a cute punny way to invite the boys. If you don't like any of the patterns this shop has, they also sell just the labels so you can find socks you love!

5. Cigar Labels
My husband and his groomsmen were all big cigar fans, so I had to include these adorable labels! Better yet, the labels themselves are less than $10 for a whole pack so you could easily buy your own cigars and still be under $10 a proposal.

6. Groomsman Proposal Card
This is by far my favorite groomsmen invitation I've seen, despite its simplicity. The college kid in me loves this card, because let's be honest; boys will always rise to the occasion when free food is involved!

7. Custom Engraved Knives
While you have to buy these in a set of 10 (at least I couldn't find a single set), if you have a large bridal party to invite they come out to less than $15 a piece and I just love how unique and manly they are!

8. Man Card Beer Opener
There is a running joke among my husband and his fraternity brothers where they (literally) burned his "man card" because of me years ago. However, these metal bottle opener man cards would certainly put up a fight and it never hurts to have a bottle opener you can easily slide into your wallet. :)

9. Let's Get Lit Groomsman Card
For Groomsmen that are ready to party, these classy looking cards certainly get the point across and are an easy and cheap way to invite the boys! They can be customized with names and dates and would be especially nice to use for a more formal wedding for groomsmen that are out of town.

10 Groomsmen Groomsman Proposals under $15 #groomsmen #bestman #willyoubemygroomsman

10. Groomsman Proposal 6 Pack and Labels
Finally, if you aren't up for DIYing your own 6 pack, these labels would be the perfect addition to invite your boys with beer. Similar to the cigar labels above, even with the beer you can easily keep these proposals around $15 depending on the beer you buy, whether you want just the labels, just the box, or both :)

15 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #willyoubemygroomsman #bestman #groomsmanproposal
15 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #willyoubemygroomsman #bestman #groomsmanproposal
10 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #groomsman #bestman #willyoubemygroomsman
10 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #groomsman #bestman #willyoubemygroomsman
15 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #willyoubemygroomsman #bestman #groomsmanproposal
15 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #willyoubemygroomsman #bestman #groomsmanproposal
10 Groomsman Proposals Under $15 #groomsman #bestman #willyoubemygroomsman