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Groomsman Gifts Under $30

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Groomsman Gifts Under $30 #groomsman #budgetwedding #groomsmangifts

Buying your groomsmen gifts for you special day can be tricky, especially when you are trying to find something affordable that they don’t have already! In that spirit, here is a lovely set of gifts that any guy would love to receive, with the added bonus of everything being under $30! :)

1. Personalized Camping Hatchet
Maybe it’s just because the hubs and I have done a lot of camping last year, but there is nothing as useful as a hatchet. :) For your outdoorsy groomsmen, these personalized camping hatchets are a great choice! The can be personalizes with your groomsmen’s name, the wedding date, and their part in the wedding (groomsman, best man, etc).

2. Groomsman Socks

Groomsman socks are always a classy and fun gifts for your guys to wear with their suits on the big day! These socks can be ordered with customized gift boxes for both Groomsman Proposals and groomsman gifts, depending on what you need them for! :)

3. Personalized Ebony Wooden Watch

I ADORE these wooden watches. Not only can they be personalized with your men’s initials, the color combination of the wooden face and black band is stunning and unique! :)

4. Personalized Toiletry Bag

I always feel like men aren’t considered when it comes to toiletry bags, but now that my husband is bearded I see the advantage of him having a bag of his own! :) These bags are classy, manly and can be customized with the names of your boys for a perfectly personalized gift!

5. Sunglasses in Personalized Box

These personalized boxes and sunglasses are a great gift for a rustic summer wedding! Not only will the boys have matching sunglasses for photos, they will also get a lovely personalized box that can hold them (or their expensive sunglasses) for years to come! :)

6. Groomsman Beer Stein

A traditional but still fun gift, these beer steins are perfect for beer loving or ren-fest loving groomsmen. :) I also like that the designs are carved on the bottom as a nice reminder of where they got it from without it being on the side of the cup.

7. Personalized Low Ball Stainless Tumblers

These stainless low ball tumblers are a great tumbler option for boys and especially nice for classy photos with whiskey! :) They can be personalized with name, wedding title and wedding date and are a great choice for groomsmen that are ready to party!

8. Personalized Growlers

Another great option for beer loving groomsman that have too many pints and mugs are these groomsman growlers! You can get the growler and flask together for under $30 and get the knife and cuff links as additional gifts. :)

9. Stainless Steel Groomsman Accessory Sets

This classic formal dress accessory set is a great option for a black tie wedding. Each comes with cuff links, a money clip and a tie clip for accessorizing on the big day and for wearing when they suit up the rest of the time. :)

10. Personalized Wallets

Finally, these personalized wallets are a great gift for any guy, groomsman, or father! They can be customized with names or initials and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from!

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Groomsman Gifts Under $30 #groomsman #budgetwedding #groomsmangifts
Groomsman Gifts Under $30 #groomsman #budgetwedding #groomsmangifts
Groomsman Gifts Under $30 #groomsman #budgetwedding #groomsmangifts
Groomsman Gifts Under $30 #groomsman #budgetwedding #groomsmangifts