20 Bridesmaids Gifts Under $20

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20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20 #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgift

Its always nice to be able to thank your wonderful bridesmaids with a special gift on the day of your wedding to thank them for all the hard work they put in over the last several months. However, many times its hard to find things in your budget that feel special enough to give as a gift. 

Luckily, everything on this list is less than $20! From jewelry to bags to tumblers, hopefully this list will help you find beautiful, unique bridesmaids gifts that won't break your budget! :)

1. Monogrammed Tote Bags
I found these beauties on Etsy and not only are they under $10, they can be customized with each of your girl's monograms which I tend to prefer over putting their full names on wearable swag. :) They also come in a myriad of colors so you can customize them to your weddign theme! 

2. T-Shirt Nightgowns
I just adore these nightgowns as a different take on the getting ready bridal suite attire! Not only do they look super cozy and can be personalized for your girls, they would be great for pictures of bridal party shenanigans the morning of your wedding. :) 

3. Floral Monogrammed Robes
Wow these robes are beautiful! I was shocked to find them at under $20 and that they could also be personalized with monograms.

4. Personalized Floral Tumblers
I may be on a bit of a floral kick, but I had to include these tumblers to because they are just as stunning as the robes! Plus everyone needs a pretty water bottle/tumbler to take to work with them!

5. Personalized Pashima Shawl
These shawls are perfect accessories to a fall or winter wedding! After your big day they can be added to your maid's accessories wardrobe for shawls or used as a fall scarf. :)

6. Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers
While I'm more of a silver girl, I can't help but admit that I am enjoying the rose gold that is taking over weddings recently. These stainless wine tumblers would be a wonderful gift for your wine loving maids. Plus it would be be lovely for keeping wine cool at outdoor bbq's in the future. :)

7. Acrylic Tumbler
For a more traditional tumbler, these skinny acrylic tumblers would be perfect while getting ready with your girls and are great for use after the big day. All the colors are customizable and they are affordable!

8. Personalized Glass Water Bottles
If you are looking for a classy take on a water bottle, these glass water bottles will be right up your ally! Plus they are also available in the beautiful rose gold hue, along with several others!

9. Stainless Steel Personalized Tumblers
These are the last tumblers I promise! However, I love stainless tumblers! They are so useful for work, travelling and in this case, cute matching getting ready pictures with your maids!

10. Jewelry Sets
Here is just one of the many jewelry sets offered by this Etsy shop, and I must say its so pretty and amazing that its actually less than $20 for the whole set. In addition, you get the little personalized touch of their initial on the necklace!

11. Leather Bracelet
For a more low key wedding, I love these leather bracelets! They would be perfect for everyday use and wonderful for a laidback backyard wedding and are different than all the more formal jewelry sets one sees.

12. Cosmetic Cases
I absolutely love these modern and feminine makeup bags and they are only a little over $10, so you could even put a couple smaller things (mints, lipgloss, etc) in them as little goodie bags for your girls!

13. Floral Tote Bag
These Tote bags are absloutely beautiful and come with matching cosmetic bags! While together the cosmetic bag and tote are a little over $20, each piece can be bought seperately for only a little over $10 and either could be a wonderful gift. :)

14. Monogrammed Hoodies
I actually invited my maids with hoodies, but I like these ones even better for bridesmaids gifts as they have the monograms on them without the obligatory "bridesmaid" tag, so they can easily be warn casually any chilly day after teh wedding but are great for getting ready pictures the morning of. :)

15. Coffee Mugs
For girls that love their java (I am unapologetically obsessed) these adorable personalized mugs would be perfect! Better yet, they will be great for after the big day to take to work or for Sunday morning coffee. :)

16. Bridesmaid Socks
Can you imagine what a cute picture you could get of all your maids together with these socks? My girls took pictures with all their slippers together in a circle around my shoes, but these socks could give them a run for their money on cuteness. :)

17. Engraved Flask Set
For maids that are ready to party, what better than these Engraved Flask sets? Better yet, the entire set is under $20!

18. Monogrammed Sweaters
I love these sweaters! Especially for a fall or winter wedding, they are a cozy alternative to other matching wearables and how cute woudl they be for pictures during the morning of breakfast or morning after brunch? :)

19. Monogram Button Down Shirts
I actually gave Monogram Button Downs to my maids along with personalized sweatpants as their gift, and now they all used them as work shirts! They are perfect for not messing up hair while getting ready and can be used as a classy part of your wardrobe for years to come!

20. Pearl Personalized Necklaces
Finally, if the other two jewelry options weren't' quite right, these simple leaf and pearl necklaces are a beautiful, simple, and classy gift that your maids can easily wear on your wedding day and with most any outfit after the celebrations are over! These necklaces boast many color options for the pearl and can be customized with your maid's initial.

20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20 #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgift
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20 #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgift
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20 #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgift
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20 #bridesmaid #bridesmaidgift
20 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for less than $20