In accordance with the FTC guidelines, Wine and Sprinkles issues the following disclosure policy:

For the blog posts and links associated with them you can assume the following:

  • Any link to a product is an affiliate link; meaning that I get a small commission for you purchasing the product through my link. It costs you nothing extra and I will never recommend products that I don't use and love!
  • In all likelihood, there will be a mix of both affiliate and non affiliate links based on what I used. If I found the product off the internet/have had it so long I don't know where it came from, I will link a product equal to what I am using and this could also be an affiliate link.
  • If there comes a time where I am sent free goodies in exchange for a review, it will be disclosed on the post and the review will be mine and mine alone.
  • The money made through ads, affiliate links, and sponsored posts will likely be contributed to either:
    • Crafting and Party Supplies: to continue making fun new ideas for you all to enjoy and to exasperate my husband who still does not think of our entire house as a craft supplies box.
    • Starbucks: to feed my obsession for caffeine. :)

If you have any questions about this or want to throw me some party ideas you want help with, feel free to contact me!