Wedding Guest Books Under $50

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Unique Wedding Guestbooks Under $50 #wedding #guestbooks #weddingdetails

Wedding guest books are practically a necessity as far as wedding details go, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the same old guestbook of the past. All of these guest books are unique, beautiful, and best of all, less than $50! :)

1. Photobook Guest Book

Photo books are a great way to show off you engagement photos while still having a book to sign and keep as a keepsake. Mixbook has so many great options for photo guest books that even if this one is not quite your style there are plenty to choose from! :)

2. Rustic Wood Canvas Guest Book

I love the idea of having your guestbook be an art piece that you can hang in you home after the big day! This rustic looking wood canvas is a unique option for your guests to sign and can be customized with you names, initial, and wedding date!’

3. Wooden Heart Framed Guestbook

These wooden hearts are a super fun option for the whimsical rustic bride and is fun for guests to take a heart and sign. This shop also has tons of unique options with a similar “signing wooden hearts” style, with themes like, Mario’s Castle, Game of Thrones, and customizable Home States!

4. Modern Guestbook Canvas

If you are looking for a more modern canvas style guest book, this one could be for you! Like the wooden canvas, you can customize your date and names but with a more modern feel.

5. Signed Wine Corks Framed Shadowbox

For the wine loves out there, this wine cork shadow box is the perfect addition to your wedding and as home decor after your big day! It also comes with the blank corks for your guests to sign, so you can easily read their well wishes. :)

6. Wishing Jar Guestbook

If you are looking for a cute guestbook idea that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this wishing jar is the perfect fit! Each of your guests signs a little wooden heart and then drops it in the jar, so you have a little jar of all your guests! I especially like it because after your wedding, you can find a unique way to display all your hearts, from framing them yourself to using them as decoration for a resin table.

7. Engraved Wooden Frame Guestbook

This is one of my favorite options, probably because my guestbook was a framed photo where guests signed the mat! If I had known this was around, I would have bought it instead! These wooden signing frames are custom cut to your specifications and the shop will send you a proof before cutting so you can make sure its exactly what you want.

8. Wooden Letter Guestbook

One of my best friends had her fiance make letters for all her guests to sign, so when I found these wooden letter guest books, I had to include it. :) You simply order the Initial of your last name and leave out pens for your guests to sign!

9. Wooden Mason Jar Guestbook

If you are the bride that loves mason jars, then this unique “signing hearts” style guestbook is perfect for you! This option can also be customized with all your wedding details and is perfect for a rustic backyard wedding!

10. Tree Canvas Wedding Guestbook

Finally, this canvas guestbook is a wonderful option for the outdoorsy couple, where each guest can sign one of the leaves of the tree. Not only can the names and dates be customized, but also all the colors and the couple silhouette so that it perfectly matches your wedding style!

Unique Wedding Guestbooks Under $50 #wedding #guestbooks #weddingdetails
Unique Wedding Guestbooks Under $50 #wedding #guestbooks #weddingdetails
Unique Wedding Guestbooks Under $50 #wedding #guestbooks #weddingdetails