Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Boxes Under $25

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Ring Boxes and Flower Girl Petal Baskets Under $25 #budgetwedding #ringbox #flowergirl

Flower Girl Petal Baskets and Ring Boxes are Ceremony details that are always fun to add a personal touch to your wedding day and to keep after your nuptials for years to come. Below are some of our favorites, all affordably priced under $25! :)

1. Wooden Etched Hexagon Ring Box

This beautifully crafted ring box is perfect for an enchanted forest or fairy tale wedding! the wood it is made of and the wording on the top glass are personalized to your own taste, making it a perfect keepsake and ring holder for after your big day!

2. Mr. and Mrs. Painted Ring Boxes

If you and your fiance need separate ring boxes, this Mr. and Mrs. Ring Box set are the perfect fit! The stain and top lettering can be customized between 10 different colors and several wording designs, with each set of two being between $20-$30, so only $10-$15 a piece! :)

3. Engraved Wooden Ring Box

For a beautifully engraved, rustic ring box, look no further than this adorable option! The names are, of course, personalized to your specifications and this little beauty comes in at under $15 a box!

4. Personalized Wooden Flower Girl Basket Name Tag

If you are looking for a cute personalized flower girl basket (or have multiple girls and want them to have adorable baskets), these simple and sweet personalized flower girls baskets are the perfect choice for any wedding! The names can be made in a variety of colors and you can purchase just the name tag or both the basket with the name tag, both are under $20! :)

5. Simple White Bow Petal Basket

For the elegant white wedding, this simple white satin flower girl basket is the perfect choice! I especially like it for winter weddings and had one just like it for my own snowy nuptials! :)

6. Personalized Vintage Wooden Ring Box

This beautiful vintage wooden ring box is a perfect personalizable ring box for any outdoorsy or garden wedding! The text and date can be personalized to anything you like, or you can purchase the box blank and decorate it yourself!

7. Dog Ringer Bearer Pillow

If you want your precious pooch to share in your wedding day nuptials, this collar will make them the perfect “ring bear” to walk down the aisle! While the best man should probably hold onto the real rings, this pillow comes complete with two stand in rings so your puppy still has a set to take down the aisle!

8. Rustic Bark and Greenery Petal Basket

This whimsical bark and greenery petal basket is the perfect flower girl accessory for a rustic or forestry mountain wedding! The basket itself is made from birch wood and the ribbons come in a variety of colors to match your wedding party!

9. White Fabric Basket with Personalized Name

This elegant and beautiful flower girl basket option is perfect for an upscale or modern wedding! The basket comes in two colors with 5 different name color choices to match the theme and metallic colors of your wedding.

10. Shabby Chiq Metal Basket

This Petal Basket is a great choice for any outdoor, whimsical, or shabby chiq wedding! The distressed white finish on the basket is a unique touch compared to the fabric and wooden baskets above, as well as these little baskets being a great choice for other wedding aisle and ceremony floral as well.

Ring Boxes and Flower Girl Petal Baskets Under $25 #budgetwedding #ringbox #flowergirl