Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Beach Wedding

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Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Beach Wedding #bridesmaids #beachwedding #destinationwedding

Summertime is here! So what better way to bring in summertime than beach wedding fun! One of my best friends got married on a cruise ship and it was so much fun; a wedding followed by a vacation full of friends. If you are looking for fun beach themed gifts for your bridesmaids, there are so many options that are affordable, adorable, and unique that they can use not only for your wedding but for many vacations and beach trips to come! In addition, all the items on this list are less than $35 with most being less than $25, so they won't be breaking the bank for your maid's to get some stylilsh beach swag!

Monogrammed Beach Bags
An obvious and awesome choice for bridesmaids in a beach or destination wedding is swag for the trip, after all most beach weddings imply that you are all going on a vacation together! These beach bags certainly fit the bill and you can customize the patterns and personalization based on either your maid's preference or your wedding colors.

Personalized Beach Tumblers
These tumblers are an absolutely adorable choice for water bottles for your girls to use throughout the wedding and the ensuing days on the beach. :) I have a personal fondness for the flamingo, it is so cute!

Monogrammed Floppy Beach Hats
What better way to keep the sun off your face than these personalized beach floppy hats? You can order them in multiple colors and fonts to perrfectly match your wedding theme and so your whole group is coordinated for the days at the beach!

Bride Tribe Trucker Hats
If floppy hats aren't your crew's style, these Tropical Bride Tribe hats may fit the bill! This Etsy shop as multiple options in addition to these cute pineapple ones and these hats come in a multitude of colors so you aren't stuck with only the black or white choices. :) 

Personalized Beach Towels
One of my personal favorites as a bridesmaid gift for a beach wedding are personalized beach towels. Beach towels are so useful and can be used not only for your wedding vacation but for any trips to the beach afterwords. These towels can be personalized with names or monograms and you can pick the style and colors you think your maids will like best. :)

Monogrammed Beach Sandals
I adore these sandals as a fashionable and unique bridesmaids gift! After all if your girls already have towels or beach bags its nice to get them something personalized, useful, but unique! In addition, these sandals can easily become a part of your girl's summer wardrobes for future vacations or pair easily with a brunch sundress. :)

Flip Flops
If the you are looking to get your girls flip flops without the higher price tag of the monogrammed sandals, these White XO Flip Flops from Beacoup would be an excellent addition to any Bridesmaid Beach Bag. At only a little over $5 they are both adorable and affordable. :)

Monogrammed Swimsuit Bag
I hadn't thought of these until I happened upon the as I was mozying through Etsy, but they are such a good idea especially because who doesn't need a swimsuit bag for beach vacations? These ones come in tons of fun prints and can also be personalized with your maid's monograms so they can easily tell whose is whose.

Personalized Beach Bag (again!)
If you are looking for something a little smaller than the first beach bag this polka dot beach bag is a great fit. Additionally, I love its rope handles that give it a more nautical feel, perfect for a cruise ship wedding!

Monogrammed Beach Cooler
If your girls are ready to party and looking for a fun accessory for the ensuing days at the beach, these personalized fabric coolers will be perfect! You could even pack each with your maid's favorite drinks and the monogram keeps it classy. ;)

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Beach Wedding #bridesmaids #beachwedding #destinationwedding
Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for a Beach Wedding #bridesmaids #beachwedding #destinationwedding