Unique Bridesmaids Gifts Under $35 for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts

Winter wedding give such a great opportunity to give you maids unique gifts that perfectly fit the season! As a winter bride myself, I absolutely adore winter and loved finding so many unique gifts to give your favorite girls that weren't just the typical necklace or waffle weave robe. As an added bonus, all of the items I show below are under $35 (most of them under $25!) so that they are both unique and affordable options for bridesmaids gifts! Which of these would you want for your winter bridesmaids? :)

Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts

Monogrammed Sweaters
How cute and cozy do these sweaters look?! I confess I wish I had found them for my own wedding or my girls would have been getting these sweaters instead of the buttons downs and sweatpants I got them! 

Personalized Coffee Tumblers
If your maids are coffee lovers like myself, these personalized coffee tumblers may be your perfect gift! You can have morning coffee orders all made in these adorable tumblers which will prevent spilling and be wonderful keepsakes for future coffee drinking! :)

Monogrammed Fleece Jackets
I am a huge fan of these jackets as Bridesmaids gifts because not only do they make for cute rustic wedding pictures with your maids; they also are great for after your wedding day (and are not just another robe). These jackets also come in a myriad of colors to go with your wedding colors along with customizable monogram fonts and threads for a reasonable price.

Personalized Flannel Shirts
How perfect are these flannel getting ready shirts for a Rustic November or December Winter wedding? Your girls can be nice and cozy and be able to easily change into their dresses afterwords. After your wedding day they will have a perfect cute and cozy campfire ensemble!

Flannel Printed Bridesmaids Slippers
I was lucky enough to have a very talented bridesmaid crochet slippers for my bridal party, but these warm and fuzzy flannel slippers would be a great substitute for less crafty brides! This particular pattern is just a little over $35 ($37 to be exact) but there are many color options for $35 as well. :) Plus they go so nicely with the Monogrammed Flannel Shirts above, I couldn't help including them because I love matching maids! :)

Personalized Fleece Blanket
If you are looking for a gift that your Bridesmaids will 100% use again, this blanket will be high on the list! I personally feel you can never have enough lap blankets and they are the perfect gift for cold winter nights and go perfectly with a chilly winter wedding! 

Flannel Getting Ready Robes
I promise this will be the last flannel gift (maybe...) but there are just too many cute ones to choose from and I adore flannel for Rustic Fall and Winter Weddings! I also love that there is a white option for the Bride, I'm all about being in white the entire day of your wedding and love the contrast between the maids and the bride! Plus so many maids receive silk or waffle weave robes, but I think a flannel robe would be so much better! :) In addition these robes can come in over 10 different flannel patterns so you aren't limited to just the red and black.

Personalized Winter Gloves
Is it just me or are winter gloves just the best? I love having them in my car to drive as I am not one of those people with fancy heated steering wheels (but a girl can dream). I also love the simply embroidery on these gloves that make them perfect as a unique, understated, but elegant winter wedding gift.

Monogrammed Plaid Blanket Scarves
Finally, for your outdoorsy maids these scarves are the perfect winter or fall accessory! I love that they are further personalized with monograms to give them an additional unique and feminine touch and would be a wonderful gift for your girls that they can easily use every winter after your wedding. :)

Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Unique Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $35 #bridesmaid #winterwedding #bridesmaidgifts