Let's get Trashed Can

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I originally saw one of these on Pinterest  and immediately wanted to make a “Let’s get Trashed” Can for my Bride’s Bachelorette Party! As long as you have a craft cutter, this project is super easy!

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Office Trash Can-I found mine at Walmart
Pink Vinyl- Mine ended up coming out of a whole pack of vinyls
Silver Glitter Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Let’s Get Trashed Template


1.     Using the Template Provided, cut out the words for your trash can on the silver glitter vinyl. I made mine about 11” x 11”.

2.     Now, wash and dry the surface of your trashcan so that the vinyl will stick its best. Using transfer paper (I like the Cricut transfer tape for the grid lines), adhere the words to your trashcan. I did mine at a little of a slant but do whatever you like best! To use transfer tape, take it off its backing, lay it onto the design and smooth over it to stick the vinyl to the design. Then just peel the design off its backing to be placed like a sticker.

Cameo 3 Bundles by Expressions Vinyl

3.     Next, make a couple different sized circles and cut them out in the pink vinyl. Once they are cut, just peel and stick them wherever you want on your trashcan!

I absolutely love how mine turned out and we ended up using it as an ice bucket in the hotel room. How will you use your cute new “trashed” can? :)