Wine Bottle Table Numbers

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Vinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding

Both of the weddings I crafted for last month have something in common, wine bottles! An established wedding trend for the DIY Bride is to use painted wine bottles in centerpieces and for other wedding décor. With that in mind, what easier way to make table numbers than to display them on one of the wine bottles!

Painted Wine Bottles
Adhesive Vinyl (I used sparkle vinyl and it turned out perfect!)
Transfer Paper
Craft Cutter
Table Numbers 1-6 Cut File
Table Numbers 7-12 Cut File
Table Numbers 13-18 Cut File

1.     Import the Table Number Cut Files into the Cricut Design Software. Size the cut files to 11.5” high and cut out on the vinyl of your choice.

supplies.jpgVinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding

2.     Weed any excess vinyl from design and cover with transfer paper, smoothing the transfer paper so that there are no air bubbles.

Vinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding

3.     Once transfer paper is placed, cut out numbers so each Table number is its own rectangle.

transfer number.jpgVinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding

4.     Peel Transfer tape with design off of the vinyl backing and place onto the painted wine bottle. Press design onto bottle then remove the tape, leaving the vinyl table number on the bottle. Repeat for the rest of your bottles.

table number finished.jpgVinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding

Making wine bottle table numbers is very easy with a craft cutter; in fact it’s basically cut it out and stick it on. I have designed a basic set of table numbers here but you could easily design your own and use the same steps to make customized table numbers!

Vinyl Wine Bottle Table Numbers #svgfiles #winebottle #diywedding