Wedding Gifts for Parents Under $25

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Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts

If theres a set of people that are the best support, financially and emotionally, for your wedding day its got to be your parents! While its generally expected to get them a little something to thank them for their help and support through your wedding planning, it doesn’t have to break the bank! All of these customizable and unique options are under $25, so easy to afford and a great sentimental gift to thank your parents for all their love as you start your new lives together!

1. Parent Poem Print

This poem print is adorable and such a nice gift to find the perfect frame for to show your parents how much you love them! For this Print, you can customize the font color, the color of the hearts, and personalize the “Mum and Dad” to whatever you most associate with your parents to customize it for your special day!

2. Mother and Father Wedding Handkerchiefs

If you are expecting a lot of happy tears from your parents, these personalize handkerchiefs are a perfect choice! Not only can you completely customize the message and names on each handkerchief, they also come in lovely little gifts boxes, ready to give as soon as you get them!

3. Mother of the Bride Necklace

Nothing like a simple and beautiful pendant necklace for your mother on your wedding day, and this one is adorable and affordable, with the two circles meant to represent the intertwined bond between a mother and child. :) You can pick between one and two circles as well as a gold or silver finish on the necklace. If you like the saying on the card (I love it!), this gift is ready to go, but you can also personalize the quote to whatever you want it to be!

4. Father of the Bride Heart Tie Patch

I love hidden details for your wedding party, and these father tie patches are a perfect accessory to add to your dad’s tie as he holds you close to his heart on your wedding day. This Tie Patch can be customized in any of 20 different colors with several font color options, and you can customize the wording to say anything you want, so your message to your dad is completely personalized!

5. Parents of the Bride Wedding Frame

I love the idea of giving personalized frames to parents for your wedding, then sending them a photo to fill it with! There are literally over 300 different floral and greenery designs that this frame can be customized with as well as the name and date being personalized for your own name and wedding date.

6. Parents of the Bride Mugs

If you have some coffee and tea loving parents, get them these adorable mugs to sip on coffee the morning of your wedding and to use for many years after! This shop has several different father and mother of the couple mugs and have these same options for parents of the groom as well!

7. Future In Laws Wine Labels

After all the stress of wedding planning, your parents may simply want (or need) a bottle of wine. These elegant and sentimental wine labels are the perfect accessory to add to your vino parent’s gifts! The border color can be customize in dozens of shade to match your wedding theme and each set of two labels is under $15, so you still have room in the budget to buy the wine!

8. Wedding Tree Parent Gift Print

This adorable wedding tree print is a lovely keepsake for any mother of the groom! Not only can the colors of the print be customized, but the verse and names are fully customizable too, if you want to order it for another special parent!

9. Father of the Bride and Groom Etched Pint Glasses

Help the fathers toast to your new life together with these etched pint glasses! If you are looking for pint glasses for other family members, these can be customized for fathers, mothers, brothers, stepfathers and grandfathers of both the bride and groom.

10. Parents Wedding Day Card

Sometimes a simple, heartfelt card is the best thank you a parent could receive, or at least this card could be paired with any of the other gifts we’ve mentioned! This is a digital print that is fully customizable, so if you want to change parents to mothers, fathers, and so on you can easily do so and get them printed! If you don’t have a printer, I highly recommend Cards and Pockets Printing Services! They already print your own custom designs in the size this card is designed to for less than $1 a piece! :)

Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts
Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts
Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts