Destination Wedding Favors Under $2.50

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Destination Wedding Favors Under $2.50 #beachwedding #destinationwedding #budgetwedding

I always think favors are a fun addition to a wedding, and for a destination wedding I love small, beachy gifts for your guests! All of these Destination Wedding Favors are perfectly themed, easy to pack in your suitcase, and under $2.50 a piece!

1. Starfish Bottle Opener
Nothing like a bottle opener as a useful and always appreciated favor, and these starfish are no exception! Ordering over 20 of these starfish make them under $2.50 a piece, and each comes in its own adorable favor box!

2. Rock Candy

Rock candy is a personal favorite of mine and I love its sea glass feeling for a beach wedding. They come in over a dozen colors and flavors to perfectly match your wedding colors and is a fun whimsical gift for guests!

3. Water Bottle Hanging Boxes

I love the idea of giving out hangover kits for beach or cruise ship wedding, and always nice to give water to recently arrived travelers. There are several different box options for both bachelorette parties and wedding favors if these aren’t quite your style!

4. Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are a great choice for a favor on your wedding day but for your guests to use as their sunglasses while on their trip celebrating your wedding! The glasses themselves come in with either hot pink or white sides and can be customized with black or gold text.

5. Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are one of my favorite destination wedding favors, I love the idea of all your wedding guests having an ode to your wedding on their travel suitcases forever! :) These vintage suitcase luggage tags are an adorable and useful favor for your guests to personalize their luggage, but you need to order at least 48 of them to make it less than $2.50 a piece, if not they are just under $3.

6. Tropical Luggage Tags

I thought these luggage tag favors were so pretty that I had to include them too! These fun bold designs come in 7 different options and 7 different colors to fully customize to your wedding vision!

7. Cork Compass Coasters

I can never have enough cork coasters and I absolutely love these ones for an adventurous destination wedding! they come prepackaged with a tag in a set of four and if you are ordering over 48, they are under $2.50. However, if you need less than that you can easily split each set into two coaster a piece, doubling your favors and giving each guest a pair of coasters!

8. Sand Dollar Coaster

These sand dollar coasters are such a fun and beachy wedding favor! These white stone coasters come prepacked in a pretty pinstriped box, finished with raffia ribbon!

9. Sea Shell Tin Candle

Candles are always a welcome and fun favor and easy for your guests to pack for a destination wedding! The personalizable tins can come in 7 different styles and 7 different colors to customize perfectly to your wedding theme!

10. Vintage Suitcase Favor Boxes

These favor boxes are perfect for housing local sweets from your wedding destination! Each set of ten comes with the vintage suitcase favor box, twine and the globe and compass charms.

Destination Wedding Favors Under $2.50 #beachwedding #destinationwedding #budgetwedding
Destination Wedding Favors Under $2.50 #beachwedding #destinationwedding #budgetwedding
Destination Wedding Favors Under $2.50 #beachwedding #destinationwedding #budgetwedding