Parents Gifts Under $25

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Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts

Its always a nice gesture to get your parents a little sentimental something to show your appreciation for them sharing in your special day (and often times paying for at least part of it!). Thanking your parents for all their help and support leading up to your wedding day doesn’t have to break the bank, luckily Etsy is here to help with oodles of wonderful options to choose from, with all of these gifts coming in under $25! :)

1. “To my In-Laws” Wedding Card

When a heartfelt card is the perfect choice to thank your new in-laws, this card is the perfect fit! This shop has a variety of beautiful, simple, and most importantly, affordable wedding card options that can be used as great add ons to your gift or as a stand alone cards for your future in-laws.

2. Personalized Wedding Frame

No better way to remind your parents of all the fun and memories of your wedding day than a personalized frame that they can use for their favorite wedding picture! This frame can be personalized with your name for your “Loving Parents,” you and your groom’s name, and wedding date. This frame can also be made in portrait instead of landscape, depending on the photo you want to use!

3. Mother of the Bride Decorative Plate

If your mum love pottery like mine does, these beautiful and creative ceramic ring dishes are a wonderful way to thank her! They come in a variety of colors and designs, can be personalized with any text, and come in a cute gift box! :)

4. Best Parents Ever Mugs

For those parents that can never have enough mugs (or just love tea and coffee in general) these adorable and affordable mugs are made for you! This shop has a variety of options for mugs, all under $25, that can be gifts not only for parents, but other family and bridal party members as well.

5. Father of the Bride Tie Patch

I personally love tie patches as father’s gifts for your wedding, and this personalized option is the perfect accessory for your dad on your special day! The wording can be completely personalized or just the names and date can be changed. Additionally, this tie patch has the added option of being either sew on or fabric tape options (if you aren’t a strong sewer like myself :) )

6. Personalized Parent Handkerchiefs

Mothers and Fathers alike will appreciate these traditional handkerchief gifts for all their happy tears on your wedding day! They can be ordered in a variety of different lace types and font colors, and when ordering both the mom and dad handkerchiefs together they are under $25 a piece! :)

7. Heart Poem Parent Prints

I always appreciate a good heart poem print, and I love this one even more because it includes two poems, one from the bride and one from the groom! The font colors and names can be customized to your preferences and you can receive it as a print or as a high quality file to print yourself.

8. Hanging Wedding Poem

If you don’t want a poem as a print, why not as an adorable hanging sign? :) The names at the top of the sign, the bride’s name, and the wedding date can be personalized for your parents, creating a lovely keepsake for years to come!

9. Etched Beer Mugs

Nothing to help your fathers forget the price tag of you wedding like these customized beer mugs! :) They can be persolizaed for many members of your family, including step fathers, brothers, and even grandmothers and grandfathers! Each of these mugs is laser engraved and dishwasher safe, making it a durable gift for many beers to come!

10. Mother of the Bride with Customizable Portraits
This mother of the bride portrait print is an adorable and afforable option to give your mother for your wedding day! You can customize not only the portraits with a variety of dresses, hairstyles, and skin tone, but you can also customize the poem to say whatever you want for if you have a personal message you would rather give to your mama. :)

Parent's Gifts Under $25 #weddinggifts #motherofthebride #parentsgifts