Harry Potter Martini Mixer Labels

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Happy Halloweentime everyone! To keep with the spooky spirit, its time for some Halloween style tutorials! First up are some labels and decorations I made for my friend's bachelorette party, which as luck would have it, was Harry Potter themed!

Since I was bringing martini mixers, wine and paper signs, I wanted them all designed for such a fun theme, so my question became, what wizard would sell martini mixers? Why Gilderoy Lockhart of course! Why?

#1 - He is beloved by ladies, ladies love martini mixers
#2- Lockhart would totally sell a mixer as a potion to his adoring fans

In true Lockhart fashion, each mixer is themed on one of his bestselling books, and for legalities they do in fact state that they “contain no magical properties” (Not that anyone who knows Gilderoy would assume they work). I ended up buying a set of martini mixers from Amazon which are what I designed my stickers to and it was perfect for having a selection of martini mixers for the bachelorette party.

Finished Potions 3.jpg
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1.     Print out Labels on Sticker Paper. Cut out with Scissors.

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2.     Peel off the existing Martini Mixers and replace with the new Lockhart Labels. The original flavors are also on the new labels so I found it easiest to take off the old label and replace it one bottle at a time so that I didn’t get mixed up and put the wrong label on the wrong bottle.

placing labels.jpg

And it’s as easy as that! I love being able to add little touches to themes like this with bottle labels, cheap and super cute! What Harry Potter Themed drinks would you make?

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