Halloween Witch Canvas

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After how much fun I had making the Ombre Wedding Canvases I decided to make a whole slew of them for the upcoming holidays! First, I designed a fun spooky canvas for the Halloween Season.

I didn’t want to ombre this one but instead tried to make the background a black and purple squiggles as a nice offset to the black decals and lettering.

11 x 14 Canvas
Black and Purple Paint
Paint Brush
Paint Bowls
Craft Cutter
Black Vinyl
Lettering and Decal Cut File

Purple Paint Collage.jpg

1.     Mix your black and purple paint with a tablespoon or two of water, just enough to give it a watercolor consistency. Paint the purple on first in wavy squiggles along the canvas until the canvas is mostly covered in paint.

Black Paint Collage.jpg

2.     Wash out the brush and fill in some of the lighter purple spots with squiggly line of black. Be careful to not over paint with the black, if you do too much, you end up with just a black canvas.

3.     Upload the cut file into the Cricut Design software. Size the file to be 11.5” tall. Cut out in black vinyl.

Supplies 1.jpg

4.     Cut the vinyl design in half so that the text and bottom canvas decal are on two separate pieces. Weed the excess vinyl from the designs, leaving only the text and bottom decal. Lay transfer paper over the designs and smooth out, removing all the air bubbles. Lift the text design and arrange on the center top of the canvas. Smooth the design onto the canvas and remove the transfer paper, leaving the text on the canvas.

Text transfer collage.jpg

5.     Repeat with the cauldron and pumpkins decal, arranging it along the bottom of the canvas.

Finished DIY.jpg

I also ended up making this on a smaller canvas than the wedding signs, mainly because I want to hang it on my door! An added benefit is that you don’t need a special long mat to cut it and can just use the standard mat. Happy Halloween!