30 Alternative Engagement Rings for Under $350

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30 Alternative Engagement Rings on Etsy Under $350 #engaged #engagementring #bling

Engagement rings are such a romantic way to enliven the holiday season and take the next step in your relationship together! Unfortunately, many such rings are so expensive that they just aren’t affordable for future brides and grooms on a budget! With that in mind, I went searching on Etsy for rings under $500, and ended up with a huge assortment under $350 instead!

With so many options, I organized all of the rings I found by the color of their center stone and tried to include a variety of styles for each set, though many you can change the color of the gemstone if you have a particular favorite. An added bonus to these rings is that if you prefer a different metal, almost all of them come in Rose Gold, Gold, or White Gold (Plated or entirely) to go with your metal preference. :)

White Engagement Rings

White or Clear stone engagement rings are always the most popular, generally with center and side stones made of high quality Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or White Sapphires. The great thing about Cubic Zirconia is that since it is lab made, the stones are flawless, ethical, and inexpensive! :)

10. Round Halo with CZ Band

PInk Engagement Rings

Pink center stones for engagement rings are generally made out of Pink Morganite to make them affordable, a type of pink beryl gemstone that stands for compassion, assurance, and promise.

16. Dark Pink Oval Morganite Solitaire with Vintage Band

Blue Engagement Rings

Blue engagement rings come in a variety of shades and cuts, from light colored moonstones and aquamarines to deep blue sapphires. The Sapphires and Aquamarines are lab made, and similar to Cubic Zirconia an inexpensive, beautiful, and ethical option.

23. Blue Round Topaz with Leaf Clusters on a Simple Band

Green Engagement Rings

The most popular green gemstones for use in engagement rings are lab made Emeralds or Alexandrite. Emeralds are know as the “Stone of successful Love” which seems a wonderful symbolism going into an engagement of marriage!

29. Green Alexandrite Oval Halo with Simple CZ Band

Black Engagement Rings

Finally, this last ring is for a truly unique bride, but I loved it so much I had to include it! This Black center stone is actually Black Rutilated quartz, a beautifully patterned stone and are symbolic of intuition.

30 Alternative Engagement Rings on Etsy Under $350 #engaged #engagementring #bling
30 Alternative Engagement Rings on Etsy Under $350 #engaged #engagementring #bling
30 Alternative Engagement Rings on Etsy Under $350 #engaged #engagementring #bling