Easy DIY Wedding Signs

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While Wedding Season really starts in late Spring I seem to have gotten all my wedding DIY fun in this September! Two of my sorority sisters are getting married this month and I have had so much fun making things for their big days!

One of the often overlooked details in wedding decorations are signs, so I have designed two simple ones for the Gift Table and Favor Table in 5 x 7 frames, so that they are easy to pack, look cute, and were super easy to make! This bride is having an upscale rustic wedding in golds, cream and teal, so I incorporated the rustic tree slices in the gold background paper with white lettering to make it easy to read and also give the signs an upscale feel. After all, white writing is far harder to come by than almost any other color with printers; luckily that’s where a craft cutter comes in handy!

The best part of this project is that is it totally customizable to your colors and theme, you simply have to pick the paper, frames, and colors that you want to personalize them for your big day!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. This costs nothing additional for you and I only promote items I use and love!

Picture Frames of Choice (I got mine from a Walmart a while back)
Scrapbook Paper
White Adhesive Vinyl
Transfer Paper
Craft Cutter
Gifts and Cards Cut File
Thank you Sign Cut File

1.     Upload the Cut files into the Cricut Software and cut out on the vinyl color of your choice. I used removable vinyl and would recommend it if you want to use the frames again for a non-wedding purpose. I sized my cut files to be 6” wide.

Supplies with Text.jpg

2.     Cut out the sign lettering on your choice of vinyl. Weed out the excess vinyl. Using grid patterned transfer paper, measure and cut out two 5” x 7” pieces. Cut it out along the grid lines; it will make the vinyl transfer so much easier!

3.     Take the glass out of the frames and arrange the lettering where you would like it on the glass. If needed, you can tape the sides of the vinyl backing to keep it in place but I found it to be uneccesary.

4.     Lining up the Transfer paper to the top left corner of the glass, cover the entire piece of glass with the 5” x 7” transfer paper piece. Using a smoother or your hands, smooth out any air bubbles.

Vinyl Collage 1 with text.jpg

5.     Now, lift the transfer paper and vinyl design off the glass, making sure to not completely remove the transfer paper from the glass; keeping it stuck will keep your letters right where you wanted them! Once the vinyl design is removed from the backing, take the backing off the glass.

6.     Restick the transfer paper to the glass to adhere the lettering. Smooth out any air bubbles, then completely remove the transfer paper, leaving the lettering exactly where you wanted it on the glass.

finished glass with text.jpg

7.     For the background in the frame, trace around the glass of your frames then cut it out with scissors. Place the background paper behind the glass in the frame and you are done!

tracing background with text.jpg
finished DIy with text.jpg

While I made just the two signs for the Gift Table and Favor Table, you could also easily use this for table numbers, buffet signs, or your guestbook sign! I think I will do these again for my next shower; they are so easy and can be totally customized to whatever theme you want! What would you use these signs for? :)

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