Valentine's Day Tea Party Invitations

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I'm going to be honest here: the Hubs and I aren't huge Valentine's Day fans. Other than one Greek event we did together before actually dating we've never done anything for Valentine's Day, and with our anniversary now being the end of February, it seems even more pointless (especially when we can take advantage of all the half-priced flowers and candy :) ). 

Yes, I'm kind of a Grinch when it comes to Valentine's Day; ever since I could no longer make a box that got filled with candy it's gone down hill. Well this is the year that is going to change! I've always wanted to throw a high tea party so I decided this was the perfect way to get excited about Valentine's day again! And once I got this tea bag invitation in my head I was committed! 

If you have Publisher you will be able to download the file and fill it in with your own information. The bright side of these invites is that they are actually super easy to make and require almost not skills except for cutting along the lines and lining up tape along the edges. I will warn you though, they are time consuming. :)

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the links and choose to purchase, I will receive a small commission. This does not affect your price in any way and I only promote products I use and love!

(For 10 invitations)

10 sheets Pastel Pink Vellum
5 sheets Razzleberry Card stock
1 sheet each of light blue, green and yellow card stock for hearts
1 sheet pastel green card stock for tag
Pink Ribbon
Double Sided Tape
10 Envelopes

Note: If you do not have an electronic craft cutter, I would highly suggest buying heart shaped confetti as opposed to cutting out hundreds of tiny hearts, I have a lot of crafting patience and that would drive me crazy!

1. First, Download the design file here. the first page you will print on the card stock for bases and the second sheet you will print on the vellum for your words. I always outline my cut lines in light gray so that if you are a less than perfect cutter you get less contrast than with straight black.

2. Cut out all the card stock bases and vellum prints. Using a craft cutter, cut out the candy hearts for inside the invite (mine were aprx. 1 inch square).

3. Now lay the base on top of the vellum (vellum wrong side up). Once you have i aligned with the tabs equally spaced, fold up each vellum "tab" to score the paper for when you tape. Remove the card stock, and fill the vellum with hearts (I did 5 of each color).

4. Line each tab of the vellum with double sided tape. The tab should be completely covered, with the tape coming into the card body. My tape happened to take about half its width on the tab and half in the card. now replace the card stock into the vellum, pressing down on each tape to seal in the hearts. Flip over the card and do the same on the front, don't catch any hearts in your tape!

5. Finally, glue on an 8" piece of pink ribbon and seal the loose side with a tag; I used a folded up rectangle of pastel green card stock.

Now the invitation is officially complete! See what I said about time consuming? Since I just made 10 for a smaller gathering it was totally worth the effort, they came out just like I wanted! Make sure to buy bigger envelopes, these cards are on the heftier size so you need around the A9 Size.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more Valentine's Fun!


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