Painted Wine & Martini Glass Candles

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I always love receiving those special painted wine glasses as gifts, but then I never end up using them! Either I want them all to match or I don’t want to deal with hand washing it every time I use it. Since I’ve been on a candle kick lately, I decided to turn them into candles! I made both Wine Glass Candles and Martini Glasses; both came out beautiful!

I used regular wicks on these candles but you could just as easily use the wood wicks as I previously did for my jar candles. Regardless of your choice of wick, this is a great way to use the extra unique glasses in your collection that or to turn into prizes for your next bridal shower or baby shower!


Wine or Martini Glasses
Candle Wax
Candle Melting Pot
Essential Oils and Coloring (Optional)


1.     Melt down candle wax in pot over low heat. If, like me, you are using old candle stubs, remove the wicks from the wax when melted with a fork or tongs.

2.     Remove wax from heat. Let cool for 5-10 minutes; then stir in coloring and fragrance if desired. I used pink and purple for my glasses and a peppermint –lemon fragrance.

3.     Dip the end of your wick (the metal stand bit) into the wax then press it into the bottom of your glass. Wait for the wax to harden before pouring the candle. Note: I had no issues with the glasses and hot wax, but if you are worried about the wax being too hot, soak your glasses in hot water and dry them just prior to placing your wicks.

4.     Pour melted wax into the glasses. Reserve 25% of your wax to top off the candles as they cool. The cooler your wax prior to pouring, the less you will need to fix divots that form while cooling. Your wicks may not want to stand up straight when you pour the wax; I used a wooden stick placed on the top of the glass to balance the wick in the right position.

5.     Once the wax in the glass has hardened and cooled, re-melt the excess wax if needed and top off the candle to create a smooth top.

And there you have it, super easy prizes or as fun accessories to your house! What glasses or containers would you make candles out of?