15 Bridesmaids Proposals under $15

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15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty

I don't know about you, but I love that we have moved to proposing to bridesmaids to be in our wedding party! I think it is so much fun to think of unique ways to invite your girls and I love giving them a little something to thank them in advance for the support they will be giving for the coming months. If you don't have time to DIY and don't have a huge budget, check out these fun and unique options for proposals, all under $15 and many under $10! :)

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Candle and Gift Box
These lovely soy candles are a great way to invite your girls and they come with an adorable personalized box! You can customize the personalization, the words on the box, and the metallic foil used to completely customize it for your wedding party. :)

2. Candle and Sugar Scrub Gift Set
If you are looking for a cute little gift set you don't have to make yourself, this cute gable box is perfect for you! This bridesmaid box come with a candle and a sugar scrub and there are several different label designs to choose from in the shop, but I love these ones for a country chiq wedding!

3. Wish String Bracelet Card
I remember Wish String Bracelets from back in the day and was so excited to see these ones on Etsy! They come in a variety of colors for you to choose from and the sentiment is perfect for a wedding, whether your bridesmaids are wishing for love and happiness or for your wedding to go off without a hitch. :)

4. Hair Tie Bridesmaid Proposals
I've seen hair ties given away for bachelorette parties, but I love these ones as Bridesmaids Proposals! There are dozens of colors to pick from and they are well under $5 so you can easily pair them with a cute card or other gift if you want and still stay within your budget :) Plus who doesn't need extra hair ties? ;)

5. Proposal Coffee Mugs
These mugs are absolutely adorable and perfect for the java-loving maids in your life!I love the hand painted feel and you could fill them with candy or coffee beans for an added something special.

6. Bridesmaid Proposal Cookie Box
I saw these little cookie box proposals and fell in love with them! I couldn't believe they were under $15 and they are such a tasty and cute way to invite you bridesmaids! They also remind me of boxes of chocolate which are a favorite so I had to include them!

7. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle
These little puzzles are a fun and unique turn on the typical bridesmaid card and are a super cute way to invite your best girls to be in your wedding!

8. Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Labels
If you are not up for DIYing your own labels (or don't have a printer), these beautiful Bridesmaid Proposal Labels are a great addition to a wine bottle bridesmaid invitation. The shop has oodles of options but this one was my personal favorite. :)

9. Bridesmaid Proposal Card (Wine Themed!)
This card would go perfectly with a wine label bridesmaid proposal, because seriously who can really plan or DIY a wedding without copious amounts of wine? :)

10. Will you be my Bridesmaid Personalized Wine Glasses
These stemless wine glasses would also be an adorable wine themed choice to go with the cards or wine bottle labels. I also like them because they are perfect for your maids to bring over to use when you are doing wedding DIY nights, matching fun makes DIY just so much better. :)

11. Bridesmaid Proposal Scratch Off Cards
I'm always entertained by cards with a little fun game like flair. Similar to the puzzle above, this scratch off bridesmaid proposal is affordable and and adorable way to invite your girls!

12. Bridesmaid Proposal Donut Boxes
Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to be invited to a bridal party with a delicious donut? That can only be a sign of good things to come! You can buy these cute boxes on Etsy and fill them with your girls favorite breakfast treat!

13. Rose Gold Bridesmaid Koozies
These koozies are beautiful and a great way to invite maids, especially to a beach wedding! Better yet, they could easily fit in an envelope to send to girls that are out of town without a ton of shipping costs :)

14. Bridesmaid Hair Ties (Round 2!)
I went back and forth on which of these two hair ties to put on the list because each set had such pretty but different patterns. At the end of the day I decided to include them both! These ties have tons of florals and pinks where the other set has more options for beachy and destination weddings, and both are incredibly affordable for brides on a budget. :)

15. An Honest Bridesmaid Proposal Card
I had to end my list with this card, because there is no more honest proposal than that! Bridesmaid do really help you keep your shit together and not go crazy during the wedding planning process, so never hurts to let them know that you are aware that they will be putting up with your crazies for the next few months and that you will appreciate it! :)

15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty
15 Cheap and Unique Bridesmaid Proposals under $15 #bridesmaidproposal #weddingparty