15 Unique Wedding Favors under $1.50

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Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding

Wedding Favors are one of those things that are so fun to give, but are not something you want to break the bank on, especially when money is a top priority. Enter these lovely affordable favor options! I have made all of them under $1.50 but many are closer to the $1 mark, I just couldn’t resist some of my favorites being taken out for a few pennies! :)

1. Magnetic Photo Frames
 These adorable magnetic photo frames are a wonderful favor, especially if you have a photobooth with printable photos! Your guests can get a picture from your special day and enjoy it forever one their fridge! :)

2. Seed Packets
 I’m always a fan of seed packets for weddings, they are such a fun, environmentally friendly option! For these packets you can choose between wildflowers and sunflowers as well as the color of the instructions to match your wedding colors. :)

3. Wedding Matches
If you don't have time to DIY your own Matches, these are a beautiful and affordable option. Matches are always handy and I can safely say they are a favorite favor of my husband, who always needs extras for cigars!

4. Wooden Wine Charms
While you can DIY other wine charms that have the typical metal charms, these wooden ones are a more natural looking, rustic option that I adore! Wine charms are also easy to transport, making them a great option for an out of town wedding.

5. Personalized Soft Caramels
Candy is always a popular option for wedding favors and I love these soft caramels as a tasty, non m&m option for a sweet treat to give at your reception. Bea-coup has several designs for the favor tags and they come in a slew of colors to match any event!

6. Mini Soaps
These mini soaps would not only be a great option for a wedding, but also a great option for Bridal showers or Baby showers! You can have any combination of 10 different colors and scents as well as personalized labels, making it super easy to personalize!

7. Wooden Heart Magnets
You can never go wrong with magnets and I love these simple wooden magnets for both their rusticity and simplicity. These magnets can easily grace your guest fridges while still being simple and pretty.

8. Vintage Key Bottle Openers
While bottle openers are always appreciated, these key shaped bottle openers are even better! I love how whimsical they are, they would be perfect for a garden or Alice in Wonderland style wedding or shower! These shop has a wide variety of colors for these keys so you can get whatever color goes best with your event. :)

9. LOVE Coasters
Coasters are always a good choice for favors, I never have enough of them and can always use more! These coasters have been personal favorites for a while so I had to include them here as well!

10. Personalized Playing Cards
I’ve never received playing cards as a favor and after seeing these, I wish I had! For a Vegas wedding they are absolutely perfect! This shop has a variety of options for the case labels with each deck being only a little over $1. :)

11.  Personalized Wedding Koozies
If you need at least 100 favors, these cute koozies will come in under $1.50, and koozies are always appreciated by guests! I still have several from different weddings over the years, and these you can customize colors and names for your own special day.

12. Shot Glasses
If you need at least 72 favors and your guests are ready to party, these shot glasses would be the perfect fit! Like the koozies, they can be personalized with your names and different designs to fit your event and style.

13. Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters
I absolutely adore baking so I couldn't resist including this adorable heart shaped cookie cutter from the list! These would also be a great choice for a bridal shower, nothing like bringing home some baking swag from a cooking themed shower after all!

14. Homemade Lollipops
These are by far one of my favorite favors on this list, both the flavors and the labels are absolutely adorable and they would be such an awesome edible favor to receive. Here I have linked the assortment pack but you can also order individual flavors based on what you like best.

15. Personalized Lip Balms
Finally, these beautiful personalized lip balms are a cute and very useful favor for any guest, and being from the great but dry state of Colorado these lip balms are even more attractive! They can be personalized with your name and date and this shop has several design options in addition to these!

Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding
Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding
Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding
Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding
Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding
Cheap and Unique Wedding Favors Under $1.50 #wedding #favors #budgetwedding