Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15

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Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15 #bridesmaidproposals #willyoubemybridesmaid #budgetwedding

Proposing to bridesmaids has got to be one of my favorite parts of wedding planning! I love giving my girls matching gifts and a wedding is a perfect excuse to do so. :) However, if you don’t have the time or ability to make your own, check out our list of adorable Bridesmaid Proposals, all Under $15!

1. Bride Tribe Hair Ties

Hair ties are such a fun gift to include in bridesmaid proposals, especially in ones that you need to mail! They fit easily into cards and even with the card you would still be well under $15! :) There are literally dozens of options to choose from to completely personalize them to exactly what you wish!

2. I Do Crew Bridesmaid Proposal

This I Do Crew Bridesmaid Proposal is an adorable gift set that includes a koozie, hair ties, and shot glass all put together in a cute little carrying bag! These would also be great bachelorette party favors!

3. Personalized Metal Stemless Champagne Flutes

These Champagne Flute Tumblers are a beautiful and fun proposal for your girls to toast to your wedding planning journey. These stainless steel tumblers and its vinyl lettering come in multiple colors and can be personalized with your bridesmaids names; you can also order them blank and personalize them yourself!

4. Scratch Off Proposal Card

I’m always a fan of scratch of cards and this one is no exception! I love pairing these with either of the hair tie sets in this list or with the bath bombs below. :)

5. Bath Bomb Proposals

These Glitter Bridesmaid Bath Bomb Proposal are a perfect spa themed gift to invite your girls to be a part of your special day. These beautifully designed bath bombs come in an adorable gift box and they are only $6! :)

6. Personalized Champagne Flutes

I love the beautiful feminine metallic text decals on these Bridesmaid Flutes! It makes them such a perfect and classy bridesmaid proposal gift and would be adorable to give at a bridesmaid brunch! :)

7. Will you be my Bridesmaid Cards

These floral Bridesmaid Proposal Cards are another beautiful option to invite your girls to your wedding party! These cards can be customized for Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Junior Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, or any other personalization you’d like.

8. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle

My friends and I absolutely adore puzzles so I couldn’t help including this puzzle proposal in my list! They can be customized with your girl’s names, wedding role, and your name for full personalization,

9. Bridesmaid Socks

These Bridesmaid Socks would be perfect for any maids that love lounge wear or being cozy! You can personalize the sock bottoms with different wedding roles and even personalize a pair for yourself!

10. Wine Label Bridesmaid Proposal

Wine Labels are always a great choice to give your in town bridesmaid, just swap out the label of their favorite wine with this beauty and you’re sure to please! :) These labels can be customized with you and your maid’s names and also your own personal sign off to them with your name!

11. Bridesmaid Text Hair Tie Bridesmaid Proposal
Even though I already included some hair ties above, I had to include these too because I couldn’t decide between them! I love that these ones have the actual role in the hair tie text and I adore that they are tied together with a bow!

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Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15 #bridesmaidproposals #willyoubemybridesmaid #budgetwedding
Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15 #bridesmaidproposals #willyoubemybridesmaid #budgetwedding
Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15 #bridesmaidproposals #willyoubemybridesmaid #budgetwedding
Bridesmaid Proposals Under $15 #bridesmaidproposals #willyoubemybridesmaid #budgetwedding