Decorating with Vellum Paper Flowers

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My favorite decorations that I made for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast Shower were bunches of paper roses made with vellum! What is so great about them is that, while they do take some time, they are so cheap to make and came out absolutely stunning! Sure, it takes many hours to make a bunch of them, but when I can make 100 flowers for $20 in paper, the trade off is worth it! :)

I particularly like using Vellum as the paper for this project, I could print on it with no issues and it gave all the petals a pretty translucent look, making them look more expensive than the standard paper flowers.

I can’t take credit for the tutorial on these flowers, merely the type of paper and how I used them to decorate. You can find the printable and tutorial for these roses on The Elli Blog by following this link. I used the White Rose template and printed 100 of them on Cream colored Vellum. There are several colors of Vellum from Paper and More if you want something that is not cream; you can check out all the types they have here.

Some extra tips I have on this tutorial:

-If you are using vellum, try to cut on the inside of the cutout lines/ The lines will show through the petals so the less gray the better.

-I used Paper Modgepodge on the petal sets 4-7 and just used hot glue on the inner petals and to put all the layers together. I’m not sure that it makes a difference but if you want to do it exactly as I did, that’s how.

I used them to decorate in three main ways. First, I used double sided tape on the back of the outer petals to stick them to the wall to add dimension to the quotes I made in vinyl. In addition, I hung them off of serving trays in the same fashion that you can see in the Beauty and the Beast Shower pictures. What’s great about vellum in this case is that the double sided tape easily comes off without damaging the flowers in case you want to use them again for something else. In fact, these flowers will hopefully go to hold escort cards at one of my sorority sister’s wedding!

Inspired by using them as escort card holders, I also used them to label food and drink items by simply printing a tag and securing it between the petals. The vellum is stiff enough that you can tuck the cards into the petals and have it stay in place relatively easily.

Roses Name Food Cards.jpg

Finally, with all the extras I just sprinkled them all over all the tables that I had, it made all the teacups look so cute nestled in a big bed of flowers! These beauties were a labor of love but gave that extra special something to the whole shower setup! How would you use these flowers to decorate?