DIY Bride Squad Bachelorette Tank Tops

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DIY Bride Squad Iron On Bachelorette Tank Tops #bridesquad #svgfiles #htvvinyl

This week is a week of Bachelorette Party Projects! :) While these Bride Squad tank tops can be used for many bridal events or as a Bridesmaid Proposal Tank top, I love them for a casual beachy bachelorette too!

For the Bride Squad Tank Tops, I used a Lilac Tank top with Easyweed Purple HTV and for the Bride I used a White Glitter HTV on a Warm Gray tank top and I love how they turned out! These are also easy designs for those who are still beginners to the weeding and HTV world, I had zero issues weeding or transferring them. :)


1. After downloading the cut files, import them into the Cricut Software. After creating a new project, select Upload Image. Select the file you wish to upload and it will automatically take you to the final upload screen, where you can name the file the select Save. The SVG Files are sized so that they will automatically cut to the size you see in the photos, but if you want to change the size you can do so to fit the tank tops the way you like.

DIY Bride Squad Iron On Bachelorette Tank Tops #bridesquad #svgfiles #htvvinyl

2. After selecting “Make It” Make sure to select the Mirror Mode on the cutting screen. Cut the design in your choice of heat transfer vinyl with the Iron On (for Easyweed Vinyl) or Iron On+ (for Glitter Vinyl) Setting on your Cricut, with the shiny side of the material down.

3. Weed the additional material off of the backing material so that, looking down with the shiny side up, you can see your design with the correct orientation.

4. Iron your tank top to remove any creases, then center the design over the top half of the tank top. Arrange the design shiny side up, then cover with parchment paper. Make sure to keep the parchment paper between the design and the iron.

DIY Bride Squad Iron On Bachelorette Tank Tops #bridesquad #svgfiles #htvvinyl

5. Set your Iron to the second Highest setting and press the the iron down firmly on the design, not ironing but rather using it as a small heat press. I worked from the upper left to lower right on the design, pressing the iron on each part of the design for at least 20-30 seconds, then overlapping the last position as you move the iron across the design.

6. Remove the backing from the design, leaving the design on the tank top.

7. Repeat with all remaining tank tops! :) If you are ready to try more tank tops, check out our other tank top projects here!

DIY Bride Squad Iron On Bachelorette Tank Tops #bridesquad #svgfiles #htvvinyl
5. completed with text.jpg
DIY Bride Squad Iron On Bachelorette Tank Tops #bridesquad #svgfiles #htvvinyl