Beauty and the Beast Match the Couple Bridal Shower Game

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“Match the Couple” games are a standby at Bridal showers, where guest match together celebrity or other famous couples.  I always think it is a great addition for a shower as an easy game that doesn’t require a lot of prep!

Inspired by Belle’s love of books, all of my match ups are couples in novels throughout the years! I kept the same rose design as the Tea Favors and have the file formatted for two game cards per page. I would’ve made a tutorial but this was so simple it seemed silly. Just print them out on paper or card stock, cut along the black line, and you’re done! I love giving away Teacup Candles as prizes for games and they go along perfectly with the Beauty and the Beast Theme! Now the better question is: do you know all the books these characters are in? :)

Download the Printable Here
Download the Answer Sheet Here