Beauty and the Beast Bridal Shower

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It’s time to present the entire Beauty and the Beast Bridal Shower! I had so much fun designing this and I’m super happy I made it my first shower! I went with the colors of mint and blush, with Cream Roses as far as the eye could see.

I combined all the Bridal Shower Games, Prizes, and Guest Favors on one table. I made two games for this shower, Bridal Bingo and Match the Couple. Both of the printables have the same style design, a stained glass style cluster of roses inspired by the stained glass in the original movie

The scattering of roses with the teacups made a nice background as well as displayed the prizes for winning the games. The Prizes were, of course, the Wood Wick Teacup Candles. Chip was one of my favorite characters in the Beauty and the Beast story so of course I needed an ode to him in this shower! The favors were Loose Tea housed in cute little silver tins as an affordable tasty favor!

My other favorite character, Mrs. Potts, got a whole tea bar! I used my Wilton Cake Stand without its largest platter to hold the tea and pot, while the garland of roses around the bottom could house honey, milk, sugar cubes, and other fun tea additions (unfortunately my house was out of those things!). I really liked how the garland of flowers on the stand turned out, it gave such a fun romantic touch and really helped the tea bar stand out!

For the main Food and Beverage table, its main adornment was a huge “Be Our Guest” Vinyl Cutout accentuated with trios of roses. I generally don’t like to put a whole lot of decoration on the food table itself, but I used a few extra roses as sign holders for the foods and drinks.

Now my friends will laugh but I tried really hard to keep it simple on this one. Yes there are a lot of different things and in reality it takes work to make all these items. But with 4 projects (sorry I don’t count printing game cards a project), you could have the difference between a regular Bridal Shower and a super fun themed shower like this! If you did any “Princess” style shower, what bridal shower would you want? :)