Beauty and the Beast Bridal Bingo

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One of my favorite Bridal Shower Games is the ever popular “Bridal Shower Bingo.” Guests are given cards of potential gifts that the Bride-to-Be could receive and mark them as she opens her gifts. I particularly like it because it keeps everyone engaged in the present opening time during every shower, which can tend to be hard to pay attention to.

Many times, Bridesmaids will use items they see are purchased on the bride’s registry to form the game cards, but for this theme I took it in a different direction. Instead of specific items, instead I have descriptions of item categories that you can mark off based on how well whatever was unwrapped fits into the category. I did a similar game card for a baby shower last year and guests had a lot of fun discussing what “counted” and what didn’t!

Similar to the “Match the Couple” Printables, these are a simple print, cut on the black line, and hand out! I have made a set of 24 potential cards plus a blank copy that you can to have people fill in what they think the Bride will open before the game starts!

Download the Printable Here
Download the Blank Printable Here