Bride Tribe Tumblers

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If there is one thing I love making for Bridal Parties, it is Tumblers! They are so cute and so useful for getting ready gifts, bachelorette party favors, or even to ask your maids in the first place.

For these tumblers, I was looking for a free dream catcher file for a more unique “Bride Tribe” tumbler, but none of them were suiting my fancy. Then I found this amazing one on Etsy! For a couple bucks it was well worth the price! Better yet, its an SVG file which are super easy to import into the Cricut Craft Cutter software.

For these tumblers and many of the wedding and bridal projects you will see on this blog, having a Cricut is required. I can’t say enough good things about mine, I wish I had had it when I was crafting for my own wedding! It would have saved me hours of work and many of the projects I did would have turned out even better! If you are a crafter, a bride, or even part of the bridal party I would highly recommend one, the one-time purchase will serve you well. :) Not only can you make tumblers like these, but you can also use it for custom cut invitations, iron on clothing, paper crafts, and removable vinyl wall decorations. I could go on and on but needless to say they are awesome!


Gold Adhesive Vinyl
Metallic Teal Adhesive Vinyl
Transfer Paper
Purple Tumblers
Craft Cutter
Vinyl Mat
Dream Catcher File
Bride File
Bride Tribe File


1.     Download the Dream catcher File and import into the Cricut software. You can do this by going to the software; and, after making a new project, click the upload button. Import the file, the click Continue.

Cricut 1-2

2.    Press save for the file to be uploaded to the software, then click the image under the Upload Tab. Select Insert Images" to insert it into the current project.

Cricut 3-4

3.     Size the dream catcher to 3.25” wide, then remove the unneeded cuts. For this image, ungroup the cuts using the button on the upper right.

Cricut 5

4.     Now, select each of the first 5 cuts and press the red "x" on the image to remove it.

Cricut 6-8

5.     Once the excess cuts are removed, copy and paste the number of dream catchers you need then click the "Make it" Button in the upper right. You can get up to six dream catchers per 12” x 12” sheet of vinyl. Press Continue to got to the cut Screen. On the Cricut itself, set the dial to "Vinyl", load the mat with Gold Vinyl, and press the Cricut button to cut.

Cricut 9-10

6.     Similarly, import the “Bride” and “Bride Tribe” pictures into the software, sizing them to be 2.5” tall. Cut these out in the Metallic Teal Vinyl.

7.     Remove the excess vinyl (known as weeding) until just the images and words you want to transfer are remaining.

8.     Cut away the excess backing around your vinyl designs. Fix them to the vinyl mat based on how you would like them to transfer onto the tumbler. As you can see from mine, I nested the “Bride Tribe” words into the bottom right of the Dream Catcher.

vinyl arrangement

9.     Cover the design with transfer paper. Push out all the air bubbles and press it into the design, such that when you lift the transfer paper the design comes up with it without its backing. I prefer the lined transfer paper as it makes it easier to orient the designs on their final resting places.

transfer paper

10.     Starting at the top of the tumbler, line up and press the transfer paper onto the tumbler, working top left to bottom right. Because it is curved, it will not stay exactly parallel with the top, this is ok! Pres the transfer paper as flat as you can against the tumbler, rubbing the design especially to get out any air bubbles. Lift the transfer paper, leaving the design on the tumbler.

Bride Tribe Tumbler

11.     For the Bride Tumbler, I wanted the letters to overlap the Dream Catcher. So the same steps as above are followed, but you first transfer the dream catcher, then the test as two separate transfers.

Bride Tumbler

Using these basic instructions, you can also design whatever tumbler you like to make your own custom tumblers for you, your bride, or your wedding party (if you are the bride!).