DIY Wine Charm Favors

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To celebrate the hubs and I first year of marriage, I took a look back at all the DIY I did through the course of my wedding and selected some of the projects to feature here on Wine and Sprinkles! The first is our wedding favors, homemade wine charms. They are surprisingly easy to make and make a cute memorable, and transportable wedding favor!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the links and choose to purchase, I will receive a small commission. This does not affect your price in any way and I only promote products I use and love!

Assorted beads (I chose blue and silver)
Assorted Charms
Earring Wire Hoops
Jump Rings
Needle nose pliers

1.  First, attach the small jump rings to all of the charms you intend to use. In the pack I mentioned there are some that just don't look wine charm material, so order an extra pack. 

2. Using the needle nose pliers, flatten the wire on the hoop so that the beads and charms can easily slide on. Then slide on your beads and charms however you like. As you can see below I did silver, blue, charm, blue the silver for a nice symmetrical look.

flower explosion

3. Finally, re-bend the wire hoop's tip to its original position to look all the beads and charms in place.

And then you're done! We ended up pairing two to a favor box, but these could easily be made into sets of 4-8 to give away as Christmas presents or wine tasting favors as well. :) Now go get yourself a glass of wine to try out your new charms on!