Bridesmaid Gifts Under $25

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Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25 #budgetwedding #bridesmaidgifts

I’ve been having so much fun with Bridesmaid tutorials this week, I’m ending my week by featuring some super fun and adorable Bridesmaids Gifts for your best girls! All of these gifts are under $25, with many of them closer to $15 or less, making them all great choices to pair together in gift bags or give on their own!

1. Getting Ready Slippers
Nothing better for getting ready pictures than some bridal party spa slippers! The cozy slippers can be ordered dozens of different wordings and are less than $10 a pair so you can include more than just your maids in the slipper fun! :)

2. Floral Sunglasses

For an accessory with a fun floral twist, you can’t beat these sunglasses! I love them as a matching accessory for bridesmaid pictures, especially if the bridesmaid dresses match! Better yet, they are personalized with your bridesmaid’s initial. :)

3. Pashima Shawls

Pashima Shawls are a great bridesmaid gift and a wonderful wedding day accessory! These light and airy shawls come in over 30 colors so they can be perfectly paired to accent your girls bridesmaids dresses and for them to have after your big day!

4. Bridesmaid Bubbly Champagne Labels

Champagne is always a perfect bridesmaid gift and giving them a personal touch is even more fun to start the wedding day off right! The label itself can be white, black, gold foil or silver foil to best fit your wedding color palette and all that’s left is to buy the mini bottles of champagne to stick them to!

5. Personalized Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags are always a nice choice as a bridesmaid gifts, and these pretty personalized pouches are no exception! They come in four different colors and both the script text and block text are fully customizable so if you want it to say something other than names and wedding roles, your imagination (and number of characters) is your limit!

6. Personalized Champagne Flutes

I always love personalized toasting flutes, both for photos and as gifts to keep afterwards. The lettering can come in black white, or a selection of different metallic colors like picture above.

7. Personalized Cosmetic Bags (again!)

The fonts and designs on these personalized cosmetic bags was so pretty, I had to include them too! They can also be customized in an assortment of both bag colors and font colors, in addition to the name and wedding role.

8. Initial Rings

These initial rings are a trendy and elegantly simple gift for your girls to wear on your wedding day as well as after! These rings come in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold or, to make it even more affordable, they come in silver plated, gold plated, and rose gold plated copper for under $10!

9. Personalized Ring Dishes

If many of your bridesmaids are engaged or married themselves, personalized ring dishes would be an excellent choice for both your new and their old jewelry! They can be customized with different initials and can come in an adorable gift box. :)

10. Game of Thrones Themed T Shirts

For all those Game of Thrones fans out there, I had to include this set of bridesmaids shirts as proposal options, especially with the last season upon us! The T Shirts come in several colors and the designs can come in either black or white ink.

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Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25 #budgetwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25 #budgetwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25 #budgetwedding #bridesmaidgifts
Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25 #budgetwedding #bridesmaidgifts